Refueling Spotter’s Tool


The Refueling Spotter’s Tool is a tracking device for the Tech Spec specified conditions during refueling in-vessel operations.  The program is used by the refueling SRO and control room to track the status of each core location to ensure safety margins are maintained and to ensure Tech Spec compliance.

The tool includes an overall view of the core, and magnified individual quadrant views.  The design of graphic elements allows the screen to match the core in appearance, as viewed from the refueling bridge.

Fuel Bundle Aide

Fuel locations can be tracked with old fuel, new fuel, a blade guide, or empty.

Information is given to confirm the selected bundle matches the bundle observed from the bridge:

  • Bundle core location (31-44)
  • Channel fastener location (NE)
  • Cell count from core edge (3 cells from North, 5 cells from East)
  • Bundle location within the cell (SW Bundle)

Control Rod Aide

Cells can show the control rod inserted, withdrawn, uncoupled, removed, and CRDM removed.

SRM – Core Alts Aide

SRMs can be shown as operable or inoperable, and appropriate quadrants flagged to remind the bridge to stay out of those quadrants.

Core Location Aide

Selecting a fuel bundle or control rod highlights the closest path to the core edge and counts the number of cells to the edge on the x and y axis.