My Background

I started my career in the US Navy nuclear propulsion program in 1974 and left the Navy after my 6 year enlistment was over.  I went to work for Illinois Power Company in 1980 at the Clinton Power Station site which was then under construction.  I worked there for almost 30 years in plant operations and training roles until I retired from Exelon Nuclear (the current owner of Clinton Power Station).  During my career I held a Senior Reactor Operator license and served in the positions of Shift Manager, Operations Support Manager, and Fleet Operations Specialist, among others.  There is a complete resume at LinkedIn.

About the Company

Ellipsis Analytics LLC was founded in 2009, shortly after I retired from Exelon Nuclear.  I chose the name for one important reason: I liked it.  Ellipsis also suggested the three dots I used for a logo, and the electrons orbiting the center dot suggest my nuclear background.  The company specializes in designing software solutions to business problems.

Ellipsis Analytics LLC is a company, and the company is in fact me.  I collaborate with other companies as needed to accomplish my mission, but I don’t occupy a building and don’t have a staff.  I do commit 100% to the projects I take on, and don’t let up until the project is completed to your satisfaction.